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Quotes, Ideas, Trivia+ for Notion

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We’ve all been there — pinning, saving, bookmarking, scribbling, taking screenshots of nice quotes and bits of information online, leaving them more or less unused, day after day forgotten, eventually growing untended like weeds waiting for the next spring cleaning.

Did you ever wish there was that one, single place where you could funnel them all into? A place you could come back to and see every curated nugget sitting right in its appointed space?

No more information out of place!

If you are building an active knowledge base, take it notches further by empowering yourself as a collector. This special template — Quotes, Ideas, Trivia+ — is created to be the single place in your Notion workspace where you can concentrate your tendency to collect anything, and it’s built to handle any kind of collection that will grow, certainly, in time.

Seems perfect for students . . . who else?

There’s versatility in this template that lets its users tailor it to the type of content they need and want to collect. Maybe you are a student and need a space to store valuable insights from the books you read? Add another content type beyond quotes, ideas and trivia and, say, name it Notes. That’s possible, and there’s already a built-in guide for this kind of expansion.

If you are collecting, or compiling, bits of information about any body of knowledge, this template is a perfect fit for that purpose. With the Quotes, Ideas, Trivia+, you have the ability to CLASSIFY, TAG, FAVORITE, PIN, ATTRIBUTE, and ARCHIVE all your entries. If you need to remember an entry, this helps you do so. If you need to see all related entries in any given tag, this collates all of them in one place. Make this a supplement to your current knowledge management system, or maybe, with its robust features, transition into it completely.

This template is for people who want to organize the information they come across with, day after day, and make it their own. So, get ready for the adventure, and be surprised at which entries will show up randomly on your dashboard one day!

All the features for hassle-free knowledge management

Right out of the package, the QIT+ template is equipped to handle three types of collections: quotes, ideas, and trivia. But why stop at three? Any knowledge base grows, and this template can, too. It’s equipped with an expansion guide that explains, with screenshots, how to create the elements you need to add the types of nuggets and tags that are relevant to you.

How do you like a surprise? Each day? This template incorporates a feature that showcases random entries on your dashboard every single day. That’s 31 days of seeing different entries appear to you — not the other way around. This not only helps as a memory refresher, but also as a way to commit information to your heart.

If you are out and about and stumbled upon an important something you want to remember, this template has a dedicated capture page that allows for quick saving. This way, you can save it and complete the other details later. In addition, there is a space for inputting nuggets under specific content types. When you know the classification of an item (either quote, idea, or trivia), this view automatically triggers the content type so you don’t have to select it manually. Every second you can save is gold.

And some special ones, just because

There are three!

First, if you are keen to remember a certain nugget, this template allows you to favorite the item. A favorited item remains persistent on your dashboard and will appear together with the other random nuggets on any day.

Second, you have the ability to archive items. Maybe you have memorized a nugget and no longer need it to appear on your dashboard, but you still want to save it in your collection, hidden away for future reference. This feature takes care of that, and there is even a dedicated view where you can see all of your archived items.

Then, there’s gotta be the feature that all the nerds love: statistics! This sits right on your dashboard and allows you to see the granular data of your collection — total items per tag, total items per content type, number of items for each individual tag, and more!

— wait, how are all these possible?

There is a collector in each of us and there’s gotta be a solution for the friction that comes with collecting quotes, ideas, trivia, etc., in this information-loaded century. And we all know that, no matter what, collector’s gonna collect — so all these quality-of-life features are included in one robust template complete with a full set-up guide with pictures and — just an extra something — a list of customization tips.

If the idea of an organized collection gives calm to your soul, then let’s create that feeling. The Quotes, Ideas, Trivia+ template is the companion that any avid collector can depend on!

Check out the demo now!

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Creating a template takes time. If you would like to support me in adding value to the Notion community through functional templates, a donation would be a fantastic gesture. Please do so at Thanks so much!

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A robust, dependable, feature-packed template for Notion for collecting bits of information relevant to your life.

Ability to favorite entries and make them persistent on your dashboard
Ability to archive entries to hide and save them for future reference
Special QIT+ of the Day view that surprises you with random nuggets in your collection
Versatility — go beyond quotes, ideas, and trivia
Expandability — expand beyond the template using the built-in instructions
Automatically captures statistics about your collections

Quotes, Ideas, Trivia+ for Notion

0 ratings
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