HabitKage: A 10-Habit Tracker for Notion

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Are you trying to build some habits but find yourself getting off track or falling off the wagon after some time? Maybe it’s not that you lack the motivation or the will to follow through — perhaps, it’s not you that’s the problem. So, what could it be?

Let’s admit it: building a habit is a draining exercise. You’ve got to tell yourself every. single. day. to get to do something that isn’t natural at all. Amid our day-to-day distractions, we convince ourselves to bend over backwards doing something that, maybe, originated from an outside influence. Do I really want to do this? That convincing part alone takes lots of mental energy.

Then there comes the manual part — the tracking part — which, in this day and age, is drab, and our distracted mind just doesn’t like that. Maybe this lack of an efficient system to back you up in building your habit is that stone on the road to self-actualization that has tripped you up multiple times. So, what does this tell you?

You need to make that tracking part automatic. But how?

The habit tracker designed for the visual person

This habit tracker specifically excels in one area: it tells you exactly where you’re at in your completion rate. Why? So you won’t have to guess! Once you set your frequency for a habit, you don’t need to remember it and just let the system tell you if:

  • You have not set a frequency for a habit.
  • You haven’t started any streak for the week.
  • It’s still safe to not do or get started with your habit.
  • You have set the frequency to “once” so you can choose the specific day to do the habit.
  • You just need one more streak to finally complete your habit.
  • You really need to get started doing the habit on a specific day, lest you will not achieve it for the week.
  • You are no longer allowed to skip doing your habit, lest you will fail for the week.
  • You have successfully achieved your habit for the week.
  • You have failed to keep your habit for the week.

On top of these, this habit tracker calculates your total productivity for the week, shown as a percentage. As you tick off streaks for your habit, you will be able to automatically see how much more you need to do to reach 100%!

What’s more? It’s perfect for mobile use

If you are an on-the-go person, this habit tracker allows for easy mobile use as much as it does for desktop. Add days and weeks without any hustle and start ticking off your habits in seconds.

But... is it customizable?

Of course! Depending on your level of Notion proficiency, you can customize the colors, the columns, the icons, all to your liking. You can even change the set icons for the success formula if there are particular icons you want to use (just be careful not to mess up the formula!).

Cool! What other things can it do?

This habit tracker comes with a Week Finder that allows you to quickly query the week number of any given day. This is useful when starting a week and you want to double-check the week number a certain day is in.

Also, it’s equipped with specific buttons that generate pages for days and weeks. When you need to add a day or a week to your habit tracker, just click the button and you’re good to go.

You can also add many days and isolate only the ones included in the week, or add may weeks and isolate only the ones included in the month. This is useful when you want to add all the days of the month, or all the weeks of the year, and have just the current days/weeks show in the habit tracker.

This habit tracker also lets you track up to 10 habits at the same time. Definitely enough for the hokages among us!

Last but not the least, it comes with an easy, well-guided set-up that leads you to a clean dashboard with menus that let you jump to different pages in a flash.

And that’s not all!

As you keep on working on building your habits, you’d ask at some point, “How am I doing?” Where do you turn to answer that? Data! This habit tracker does the analysis for you, so you won’t be bothered drawing tally marks to see how long your fences go. This habit tracker will help you track your:

  • Total number of days and weeks since you started tracking your habits.
  • Total number of successes and failures.
  • Habits that you have achieved the most success with.
  • Success rate for each week.
  • Average overall success rate.

Now you ask, is this for me?

If you are looking for a system that can efficiently take care of the manual aspect of your habit tracking — then this is definitely for you. Only minimal set-up is required every week.

Leave the guesswork out of building your habits and just focus completely on the doing. With this habit tracker, you’ll finally have that trustworthy companion that backs you up, as you build yourself up!

Check out the demo now!

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Creating a template takes time. If you would like to support me in adding value to the Notion community through functional templates, a donation would be a fantastic gesture. Please do so at paypal.me/sagemodejed. Thanks so much!

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A powerful and precise habit tracker template for Notion that leaves the manual out of tracking habits.

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HabitKage: A 10-Habit Tracker for Notion

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